Managing the User Interface

The User Interface has configuration options for the API, Data Store, Avatars, and Custom Documentation.


Like the other services, the User Interface is shipped as a Docker image with port 80 exposed.

$ docker run -d -p 8000:80 screwdrivercd/ui:stable
$ open http://localhost:8000

Our images are tagged for their version (eg. 1.2.3) as well as a floating latest and stable. Most installations should be using stable or the fixed version tags.


The User Interface has a few configuration options, the location of the API, store, and path to avatar images.

API Configuration

API hostname is set via an environment variable ECOSYSTEM_API.


$ docker run -d -p 8000:80 -e ECOSYSTEM_API=http://localhost:9000 screwdrivercd/ui:stable

Store Configuration

Log and file store hostname is set via an environment variable ECOSYSTEM_STORE.


$ docker run -d -p 8000:80 -e ECOSYSTEM_STORE=http://localhost:9001 screwdrivercd/ui:stable

Avatar Configuration

We’ve added content security protection headers to the docker image for the UI, so images loaded from external sources, such as avatars, must be configured in these headers. This is set via an environment variable AVATAR_HOSTNAME.


$ docker run -d -p 8000:80 -e AVATAR_HOSTNAME="avatars*" screwdrivercd/ui:stable

Common examples for avatar hostnames are:

Multiple hostnames can be added at once by separating them with a space.


$ docker run -d -p 8000:80 -e AVATAR_HOSTNAME="avatars**/avatar/*" screwdrivercd/ui:stable

Documentation link can be customized via an environment variable SDDOC_URL.



$ docker run -d -p 8000:80 -e SDDOC_URL= screwdrivercd/ui:stable