External Config

External config allows a single parent pipeline to create and manage the build configuration of other “child” pipelines with a single screwdriver.yaml. The source code for each child pipeline will be taken from each child repository.

This feature allows easier management of multiple repositories with the same workflow.

Configure external config in parent pipeline

In your parent repository’s screwdriver.yaml, you can define child pipelines with the keyword childPipelines. Screwdriver will create or delete child pipelines on your behalf based on the listed scmUrls. Please make sure you have admin access in each child repository in order to manage child pipelines through this feature.

      - git@github.com:minz1027/test.template.git
      - git@github.com:minz1027/quickstart-generic.git#main
      # can have child pipeline with source dir not at checkout root by adding :<sourceDir> at the end of the scmUrl
      - git@github.com:minz1027/quickstart-generic.git#main:path/to/subdir
      # read-only SCM. Check with your cluster admin for availability
      - https://sd.gitlab.com/screwdriver-cd/data-schema.git

        image: node:lts
            - install: npm install
            - publish: npm publish

Parent and Child Relationship

Pipeline Permissions
Parent All actions on its own pipeline plus create/delete/update/start child pipelines
Child All actions on its own pipeline except delete/update itself; also, secrets are inherited from the parent pipeline by default but can be overwritten

Builds for child pipeline will have access to parent pipeline’s repository at $SD_CONFIG_DIR.

Manage Child Pipelines

When a child pipeline SCM URL is added to the parent pipeline screwdriver.yaml, child pipeline gets created with ACTIVE state.

When a child pipeline SCM URL is removed from the screwdriver.yaml of the parent pipeline, the child pipeline’s state will be set to INACTIVE. Parent pipeline admins can review and take necessary action on these inactive child pipelines by either:

External config child pipeline state

User Interface

Parent pipeline UI:

External config parent

Child pipeline UI:

An active child pipeline:

External config active child pipeline

An inactive child pipeline:

Operations on inactive child pipeline are limited.

External config inactive child pipeline

Child pipeline inherits parent pipeline secrets:

External config child pipeline inheriting secrets

Example repo: https://github.com/screwdriver-cd-test/external-config-example