Environment Variables

Screwdriver exports a set of environment variables that you can rely on during build runtime.

Note: Environment variables set in one job cannot be accessed in another job. To pass variables between jobs, use metadata.

Build Specific

Name Value
SD_PIPELINE_ID The ID of your pipeline
SD_JOB_NAME Job name (e.g.: main)
SD_BUILD_ID Build number (e.g.: 1, 2, etc)
SD_PULL_REQUEST Pull Request number (blank if non-PR)
SD_TOKEN JWT token for the build


Name Value
SD_SOURCE_DIR Location of checked-out code
SD_ARTIFACTS_DIR Location of built/generated files

Environment Variables

Name Value
<environment_variable> Environment variable specified under the “environment” section in your screwdriver.yaml

Source Code

Name Value
SCM_URL SCM URL that was checked out
GIT_URL SCM URL that was checked out with .git appended
GIT_BRANCH Reference for PR or the branch (e.g.: origin/refs/${PRREF} or origin/${BRANCH})


Name Value
SD_API_URL Link to the Screwdriver API URL
SD_STORE_URL Link to the Screwdriver Store URL

Continuous Integration

Name Value
CI true